It’s OK to not be OK…

The Belfast Trojans want to help the fight against the stigma behind mental health. The evidence is clear that more needs to be done for men in this day and age to encourage openness, strength and vulnerability. We want to have the environment where men can come and be open about their lives and their vulnerabilities and show strength in that weakness.

This year our ‘motto’ is #LetEmKnow. We want to let you know, that it is okay to speak up, it is okay to have problems, and we want to let everybody know, that we want to help. As men we have a duty to stand by each other when we are in need. Offer a common voice, an understanding ear to our friends when they need it most. #LetEmKnowItsOKToNotBeOK

The Belfast Trojans are delighted to have appointed one of our own players as Mental Health Co-Ordinator for the team. Andrew will be working with the committee and players to establish long term practises and programmes to help raise awareness and give the guidance and support needed to our players. Here is what Andrew has to say:

‘I’m Andrew and I am the mental health coordinator for the team. I will be helping the team with their mission this year to do more for mental health. Mental health has become very important to me, when a couple of years ago a friend of mine committed suicide. It was never something that I had heard spoken about or seen mentioned very often.

When someone close to me lost a battle with their own mental health, I started to pay more attention and realised it was a much bigger problem than first thought. I’ve played in different teams across different sports and am very familiar with the environment, and I don’t think the psychological side of sports is spoken about as much as it should be.

I want to help give these fellas the support they need not only for themselves, but as a basis to take some of the things we discover away from the team and help those around them. Breaking down the stigma of mental health is a team effort, and we need to be in the fight together.’